Introducing the Australian Comics and Graphic Novels Database

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At ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics, we are very happy to announce a database of Australian Comics and Graphic Novels for Libraries. This is the result of a partnership with Queenie Chan (who’s been the main driving force behind this), Stephen Kok and ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics.

The database/website has been created by Queenie Chan, who has been involved with the Comic Con-Versation Festival for a number of years in producing a yearly list of recommended titles suitable for libraries. As the list has grown and in partnership with ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics, a decision was made to make the list a live database for librarians, libraries and educators. 
The database will compile titles that are recommended by the ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics, the Comic Con-versation Festival and have won awards such as the Ledger Awards for Excellence in Australian Comics and the Aurealis Awards for Best Graphic Novel / Illustrated Work.
This is a great partnership that aims to raise the profile of Australian creators and titles. Creators and publishers can add their own titles by filling the form in embedded on the website. Volunteer librarians will manage and update the database. 
The titles added to the database must be suitable for libraries and available for purchase with library suppliers such as James Bennett, ALS, DLS, Peter Pal, etc. They also must:
  • Have an ISBN number
  • Be perfect bound or hardcover (no floppies)
Iurgi Urrutia (ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics Convenor) says: 
“Australia and New Zealand are home to a great range of talent in the comics medium. We have creators working for Marvel and DC producing some of the most successful, best selling superhero comics. We also have outstanding independent creators publishing with U.S. publishers. We have creators producing outstanding junior graphic novels and a great range of talent who are producing independent work that may not be as easy to find but is incredibly rewarding to read.
With the recent increased interest in comics and graphic novels world wide we are in a great position to champion comics and graphic novels from our part of the world. We believe that we’re entering a new exciting era and we look forward to seeing this exciting database grow.” 
We believe this will be of great benefit to libraries, librarians and educators. Visit the database and if you’re an Australian creator with suitable titles for libraries please add your book to the database
About  the Australian Comics and Graphic Novels Database
The database is now live. The website may still change and we hope to add more functionality. You can visit the website/database here:
If you can donate anything or become a patron, it will ensure we can cover hosting and domain costs to keep the website/database going into the future. All proceeds will go towards the maintenance of the database.


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