What to expect at PCAF and the CAAA

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Logo of the Perth Comic Arts Festival

The first weekend of August the Perth Comic Arts Festival will be taking place and it’s going to be bigger than ever with about 85 comic book creators from W.A. and across Australia tabling and presenting their comics on the market day, on Sunday 7 August. 

But that’s not all, on Saturday, there will be plenty of panel talks and workshops. 

Best of all, entry to PCAF will be totally free! 

Logo of the Comic Arts Awards of Australia

On the Saturday, as part of PCAF, the Comic Arts Awards of Australia will also be presented. These are Australia’s most important awards, celebrating excellence in Australian comics. 

Entry is also free for the ceremony and if you attend in person you also get one of the very special and highly cherished CAAA annuals outlining all the awarded comics and creators. 

We had a chat with Bruce Mutard and he told us what to expect from the festival. The episode is out now on our Apple Podcasts feed here

To stay up do date with PCAF: https://pcaf.org.au

To stay up to date with the Comic Arts Awards of Australia: http://ledgerawards.org 


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