ALIA Graphic March 2021 Roundup

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Hi everyone and
welcome back to another ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics monthly roundup of all
the latest news, professional development and resources collated by our
fabulous ALIA Graphic Team.

This month in news
we have two huge musical sensations from the 70’s making their comic book debut
with Blondie and The Doors becoming the latest superstars to cross over. In other news, despite
only having released one issue to date – Keanu Reeve’s BRZRKR already has
film and anime adaptations in the works.

We also have an
exciting list of new releases this month including a new Great Gatsby
adaptation, The Orville Season 2.5 for those waiting impatiently for Seth
McFarlane to make Season 3 for TV. Not forgetting the younger readers, Waluk:
The Great Journey
is a beautiful story of two polar bears trying to survive
a changing environmental landscape due to global warming.

This month we have two new podcasts. Iurgi chats with US secondary teacher Tim Smyth about
using comics and graphic novels as teaching tools. You can view the full chat
on YouTube or listen via Apple podcasts where our latest roundup podcast is available with James and Melody discussing some of the latest news and new releases. 

In case you missed it, as part of
our commitment to raising the profile of Australian creators we have also compiled our
2020 Notable Australian Graphic Novels list.

Don’t forget you
can also check out for a list of great Australian Comics and
Graphic novels hand-picked by our team to be great additions to any library


Boom Studios has announced that
it will publish a new comic by novelist Victor LaValle (Big
Machine, The Changeling, and The Devil in Silver) and artist Jo Mi-Gyeong.

Blondie Announce New Graphic Novel Against the Odd
– a collaboration with Z2 Comics about the band’s iconic rise in the New York
art and fashion world.

It’s a big time for Avatar: The Last Airbender news. Avatar: The
Last Airbender is becoming a chibi comic for young readers.

The Doors are breaking on through to the comics side with
the new OGN Morrison Hotel.

Free Comic Book Day 2021 has been announced:
14 August @ 09:00 – 17:00.

Marvel Comics is introducing the very first LGBTQ-identifying person to
pick up the mantle of Captain America.

Keanu Reeves’s comic with BOOM!
Studios, BRZRKR, is officially
getting not only a film, but an anime series as well with

The direct market upheaval
continues. Marvel is ditching Diamond and has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Random

Collections and PD

Massachusetts State University
held their Comics Forum recently and they’ve made their roundtables and
keynotes available online. We’ve put a handy playlist together with all the great

The rise of comic
communicators: Research shows growing demand for the skills of
cartoonists, illustrators and comics-makers.
A new report from UTS
researchers has revealed an increase in demand for the skills of cartoonists,
illustrators and comics-makers across a diverse range of industries.

Media and resources

The Australia Council for the
Arts has released a report called Graphic
Storytellers at Work
which is available here:

New York Times article: The Black Nerds Redefining the Culture: By
pushing back against centuries-old stereotypes, a historically overlooked
community is claiming space it was long denied.

A Beginner’s guide to Seinen Manga – Exactly
what is it? This article explores the confusing world of Manga.

     This year’s WonderCon@Home took place the last weekend of March and you can find plenty of interesting panels at the ComicCon YouTube Channel.

New Releases March 2021

Junior and YA

Chef Yasmina & The Potato Panic – Wauter Mannaert (Roaring Brook Press)

Delicates – Brenna Thummler (Oni Press)

Gert and the Sacred Stones – Marco Rocchi, Francesca Carita (Dark Horse)

Let’s Talk About It – Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan (Random House)

Martian Ghost Centaur – Mat Heagerty (Oni Press)

My Last Summer With Cass – Mark Crilley (Hachette)

Waluk: The Great Journey – Ana Miralles, Emilio Ruiz (Magnetic Press)

General Adult

Count – Ibrahim Moustafa, Brad Simpson (Humanoids)

The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald, K. Woodman-Maynard (Walker Books)

In Love & Pajamas: A Collection Of Comics About Being Yourself Together – Catana Chetwynd (Andrews McMeel)

Noir: A collection of crime comics – Paul Grist (Dark Horse)

Post York – James Romberger (Dark Horse)

Rogue Planet – Cullen Bunn, Andy MacDonald, Nick Filardi (Oni Press)

The Orville Season 2.5: Launch Day (Dark Horse)

The Doors – Morrison Hotel ( Z2 Comics ) 


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