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While we have been fairly quiet and enjoying some time off during the summer holidays, ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics will be back soon with roundups, podcasts and the Graphic Novel Club. We tried this program in the second half of last year and were really happy with it so we decided we will do it all year-round. 

The program is designed for librarians in general; public, school, academic, etc., professionals interested in graphic novels. The sessions are a mix of what you would expect in a book club and a more formal PD session. If you’re doing the ALIA PD Scheme, our Graphic Novel Club sessions can be used towards your PD goal.

While we like to keep it fairly informal, each month we will have a theme and three recommended graphic novels (you don’t need to read all of them – think of them as reading suggestions that fit that theme), then we discuss the suggested titles, how they relate to the theme, and what other titles we could recommend in a library setting.

We are happy to announce that our January Graphic Novel Club session is the first thing on our program for this year. Join us Sunday 23 January at 3pm for an informal catch up where we’ll talk about the graphic novels we’ve been reading, our favourites from last year and comics readers advisory in general.

We can also announce the themes and suggested titles for the first half of the year so you can check if your library has our suggested graphic novels, and where else to source them. Please note that all of our Graphic Novel Club sessions are free and online on Zoom. If you’re registered but unable to join the session live, you will receive a private link with a recording a few days after the date.

To check out our program for the year and to register for all the sessions please visit our Graphic Novel section of the blog. We look forward to seeing you at the Graphic Novel Club and also providing more news, PD and graphic novel information and resources to you very soon!


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