Book Week Costume Ideas

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Book Week is fast approaching, and there isn’t a better time to showcase your love for Manga and Graphic Novels! So put on your creative caps and let’s dive into some exciting costume ideas that go way beyond the typical Marvel and DC superheroes.

First up, we have Nimona, the talk of the town with the new Netflix movie adaptation! Be ahead of the curve and slip into this easy-peasy outfit. A cool tip for some added fun: toss on an animal onesie, and voilà, you’ve transformed into Nimona’s animal form. It’s a win-win!

Calling all Dog Man fans! Want to be an instant hit with kids everywhere? Sport a Dog Man costume! Deck yourself in all shades of blue and stick on that famous Dog Man symbol. Boom! You’re ready to fight crime and look awesome.

Oops, did Book Week sneak up on you? Fear not! Grab those old bed sheets and transform yourself into Wendell the Ghost from Sheets. Scaring people has never been so comfy and effortless!

Looking for a little whimsy and comfortable footwear in your outfit choice, try Anya from The Moth Keeper. Bonus points if you have a battery-powered light that you can attach to a big stick! Instant lunar moth protector. 

Now, let’s take a trip down memory lane with an all-time favourite. Remember Goku from Dragonball Z? Get that hairspray ready and prepare for an explosive transformation into this iconic character.

And speaking of hair, prepare for the ultimate head accessory challenge with Nyneve from Witchy, the Aussie favourite! Get creative with that big bow, and you’ll surely stand out like a magical whirlwind. 

Last but not least, if you’re up for some pirate adventure, grab your best gardening hat, brush off the dirt, and tie a scarf around your waist. Boom! You’re none other than the beloved manga icon, Luffy from One Piece. Set sail for Book Week greatness!

For more info and to join the fun, head over to the CBCA Book Week page.


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