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While we rarely do this, we thought we’d give everyone some quick updates because there are a few things happening. 


A year ago we got together for our very first webinar, Getting Graphic: Comics Around the World, which you can still watch on our YouTube page here. So we thought we’d get together again and have a second ALIA Graphic webinar. 

We will announce all the details soon but make sure you reserve the day. It will be Wednesday November 30 at 12pm AEDT and we’re incredibly excited about the event and the speakers who will be joining the conversation. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss.


Our Graphic Novel Club returns this Sunday at 3pm AEDT and we will be discussing horror in comics. As usual, there are three suggested readings but even if you haven’t read those three you can definitely join the conversation and discuss your favourite horror comics. 

Join the fun and feel free to wear something spooky!

If you’ve never registered for our Graphic Novel Club, check out all the details here and find the Zoom registration link here.


We have published two podcast episodes recently. First we had a chat with comic book creator Gary Proudley who has published several comics, most importantly Talgard: Tome 2 this year (Gestalt Comics). The Talgard series is interesting as it depicts a barbarian who uses intelligence rather than brute force. Every Talgard story is four pages long and with art by a different Australian artist. 

The other podcast is an in depth chat with Paul Metcalfe who is the library coordinator for the Albany Campus Library of South Regional TAFE WA. He published an article on Incite recently and with him about building a graphic novel collection at TAFE. The episode notes also include some interesting resources.

We have also created an ALIA Graphic Podcast blog where all our podcast episodes can be enjoyed and have added a Podcast tab on this blog to make it easier to find and navigate. 

Of course, you can still continue to listen to our podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

That’s all for now. Light up your whole brain, read comics!


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