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The world’s on lock down. We’re stuck at home and all the conventions and author talks have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. It’s also hard to connect with people, so we thought we’d have conversations with comic book creators as well as librarians working with graphic novels and champions of the medium in general.

That’s why we’ve opened a YouTube page, and are planning a series of videos. We have the first two videos up (watch them below), where we’re still finding our feet and there are many more to come. 
Here’s the schedule: 
April 14: ALIA Graphic Introduction with James Baker and Iurgi Urrutia.
April 21: Creator Chat: Ryan K. Lindsay
April 28: Creator Chat: Stephen Kok.
TBA: Leonee Ariel Derr (Graphic novels, comics collections and comics advocacy)
TBA: Karen Dwarte and Queenie Chan (Comics at Libraries)
TBA: Darren Close (Killeroo and Australia Burns bushfire relief comics anthology)

Our first video (which was improvised in the spur of the moment at the end of a meeting), where we talk about how ALIA Graphic came to be and some of what we plan to do.

Our first Creator Chat, where we talk with Australian creator Christian Carnouche about his first graphic novel The Resurrected, a sci-fi thriller that deals with issues of identity and how we face and confront death and loss.


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