Libraries are closed but you can still read comics

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The library is closed but you still need some comics to read right now? No worries.
We’ve put together a selection of Australian webcomics, some links to digital platforms that different libraries may use where you can read digital comics with your library cards and a couple of links to the US Library of Congress webcomic archive and Webtoons.
All in all, tonnes of comics that you can read on your computer, tablet or mobile device for free.

Australia and New Zealand Webcomics

These webcomics are free to read online. Many of the creators have a Patreon, Kickstarter or Donate button on their blogs and websites. Please consider supporting them if you can.

Advice Comics by Various Authors (Australia and International)

Belonging (Post Villawood) by Safdar Ahmed (Australia)

Cabramatta by Matt Huynh (Australia)

Circuits and Veins by Jem Yoshioka

Extra Ordinary by Li Chen (NZ)

Fatherhood by Ryan K Lindsay (Australia)

Free Money Please by David Blumenstein (Australia)

The Grot by Pat Grant (Australia)

Healing Alone by Isabel Hanson, Safdar Ahmed (Australia)

Heart of Millyera by Jess Cate, Jana Hoffman (Australia)

Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton (Australia)

James Flamestar by Shane W. Smith (Australia)

Let Me Be Frank by Sarah Laing (New Zealand)

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe (New Zealand)

No_Sun by Alexander Smith (Australia)

Ownaindi Comic Sampler Volume 1 by Various Authors (Australia)

The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton (Australia)

Super Lonely Mutant Girl by Charlotte Rose Hamlyn

System Earth by Tom Garden (New Zealand)

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill (New Zealand)

Torture: The Aussie Way by Safdar Ahmed (Australia)

Villawood: Notes From an Immigration Detention Centre by Safdar Ahmed (Australia)

Why Los Angeles is Scientology’s Perfect City – an illustrated guide by David Blumenstein (Australia)

Witchy by Ariel Slamet Ries (Australia)
Zen Pencils by Gavin Aung Than (Australia)

Reading Comics for Free on Digital Platforms

Physical libraries are closed but you can still access digital platforms to read comics on your devices through the library. Please note that not all libraries use these platforms and the size of the collection may vary from library to library. If you can’t find any digital graphic novels on your library’s catalogue contact your library.

Other Free Digital Sources


Have we missed a current webcomic from Australia or New Zealand, or something else that we should add to the list? Let us know and we’ll get our crew to assess it. Thanks!


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